Sunday, October 09, 2005

Seth Godin's Social Entrepreneurship Experiment

The legendary Internet guru Seth Godin is offering a new e-book that should interest social entrepreneurs. As Godin has given his permission to post from the book, I offer you the following extract:
[SQUIDOO IS] AN EXPERIMENT: A big experiment. It's an exercise in amplifyin
g the voices of people with something to say, at the same time that we build a community, a site that’s free to use, a co-op that pays royalties to its members, and a way to raise millions of dollars for charity—from New Orleans to Tanzania. This is an ebook about a brand new online company and, more important, about a new sort of online tool that might very well change the way you discover (and publish) information.

I am hopeful that Godin's new effort will produce a valuable new social enterprise, and a new and worthwhile online community for active social and humanitarian entrepreneurs.

Why not take a minute now and go to: ,

and collect Godin's free e-book.

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