Monday, August 14, 2006

The SE Option

I do not believe that terrorism can be countered by violence - it’s like cutting off the Hydra’s head, two more spring up in its place. Hizbollah is an evil organisation, and exploits the people it hides among. But terrorism, like religion, feeds off misery. If Israel really wanted to end terrorism, the best, most intelligent way of doing
so would be to make its enemies prosperous.

Amanda Craig, author and journalist

It is said that to a man that only knows how to use a hammer every problem looks as though it requires pounding. The United States, United Kingdom and Israel all own fine hammers, but is a hammer really the best tool for ridding the world of terror?

It would appear that there are a great many people who believe just that. Ms Craig's plea seems to be falling of deaf ears. Here are a few sample comments that I've come across recently:

I’m done with ninnies afraid to confront murderers, and I’m quite done with the absence of Muslim rage. We will do what we have to do, and I hope that we do it without worry of proportionality.

I don't think commentator above is thinking much beyond giving a good hammering to the Muslim world.

I’m so tired of the damn conflicts and have no desire to sort them out. They are so complicated no one could. If every infidel disappeared tomorrow, the killing would continue as Muslims would just murder one another.

Without Islam and it’s incessant conflicts since the time it began, 98% of the violence in the modern world would cease to be.

If only we could establish an “Islamic Free” zone where the rest of us can live in peace.

This commentator doesn't seem to have much grasp of the history of modern conflicts and violence. If WW1, The Russian Revolution, WW2, The Chinese Revolution, Korea, and Vietnam account for less than 2% of the modern world's violence, then the Muslims have been remarkably adept at keeping their wars out of the news and history books. I might be misreading this writer, but his words sound like a thinly veiled call for genocide (to end the 'Islamic Problem').

On a happier note, may I remind the terrorist taqiyya talkers and their apologists here of one simple fact: there are FOUR BILLION of us you’re gonna need to ‘contend with’ if you persist in bringing on the clash of civilizations to usher in your Mahdi (spit be upon him).

Hubris is typically followed by nemisis.

Although I am not suggesting that we discard the hammer, I do think it's time to consider using a few other tools, and social entrepreneurship should be on that list of tools. Unfortunately, many who want to use the hammer feel that those who advocate the use of other tools are nothing more than apologists for evil Muslims. (George Washington accurately predicted this type of response. He writes: Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspect and odious . . . )

Most involved in social entrepreneurship believe that it is a powerful tool for creating social and humanitarian good. We do not need to bomb others indiscrimately. We do not need to stoop to the level of our foes. We have other options.

Now is a time for us to take action, to advocate social entrepreneurial solutions, and to support (whenever possible) the work of social entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

If you are aware of any social entrepreneurs at work in the Middle East, please leave their details in the comments section of this entry.

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