Tuesday, February 20, 2007

User Led Innovation

Here are some examples of Professor Eric von Hippel's "User Led Innovation" as collected by Nokia's Jan Chipchase:

"Rural Battery Charging Services, Uganda" A short January 2007 presentation authored with Indri Tulusan that introduces the home battery charging services to charge devices with limited access to mains power supply. Given that mobile phones require power, and access to power can be unpredictable how do people keep their mobile phones and other devices charged?
Download PowerPoint, PDF [2MB]
"Power Up: Street Charging Services, Kampala" A short January 2007 presentation authored with Indri Tulusan that introduces the street services that enable Kampala residents without regular access to mains power to keep their mobile phone's charged.
Download PowerPoint, PDF[3MB]
"Village Phone, Uganda" A short January 2007 presentation that introduces a collaboration between Nokia, Grameen Foundation USA, and Micro Finance Initiatives in Uganda to extend cellular connectivity to remote rural locations.
Download PowerPoint, PDF [2MB]
"Community Address Book & Call Log" A short January 2007 presentation co-authored with Indri Tulusan and Lokesh Bitra drawing on research between 2004 and 2006 in India, Nepal and Uganda that documents phone kiosk owner’s use of paper notebooks to record the phone numbers used by their customers - the combination of the book and the kiosk operator effectively becomes the community address book and call log for the members of the community that use that kiosk.
Download PowerPoint, PDF [1MB]
"Shared Phone Practices: Exploratory Field Research from Uganda and Beyond" December 2006 presentation authored with Indri Tulusan that introduces the results of a Nokia study of Shared Phone Use, drawing on research in Uganda, Indonesia, Nepal, India, China and Mongolia. Introduces the concepts of Sente, Step Messaging, Pooling et al..
Download PowerPoint, PDF [6.5MB]

Social entrepreneurs should find the above examples pregnant with meaning.

In keeping with my observation that the world is full of innovation, but not of people who recognise it when they see it, Chipchase states:
The tough part of the job is in using the data to inform, inspire and affect how my colleagues think and what they do.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These power points are very inspiring. It definetely should give anyone interested in social entrepreneurship a good idea of all the opportunities that are out there.

Obviously, the number of social entrepreneurs out there is also limited. My question is, are there other channels out there to make this kind of information available to people? We all know about the parcities in Africa but, is there any report or publication that is distributed across the business community?


9:19 am  

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