Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Raw Materials of Social Entrepreneurship

CELCEE - Social Entrepreneurship: Profit as a Means, Not an End

Jerr Boschee, the President and CEO of the National Center for Social Entrepreneurs, has unparalleled practical experience working with social entrepreneurs. Based on this experience he has identified what he terms the "raw materials" of social entrepreneurship. The raw materials are:

1) Candor; 2) Passion; 3) Clarity in your mission; 4) Commitment; 5) Core Values; 6) Products and services driven by customers; 7) Sound business concepts; 8) Willingness to plan; 9) Building the right team; 10) Having sufficient resources; and 11) Ability to improvise. Overcoming the nonprofit mentality with these skills is the formula for success for the social entrepreneur.

Boschee defines the "nonprofit mentality" as: The belief that capitalism and profits are social evils. How many people must be made to suffer needlessly in order to satisfy the whims and wooly thinking of the arrogant, the self-righteous and the sanctimonious?
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