Saturday, November 05, 2005

A New Model

'The new entrepreneurs, impatient to resolve global problems more quickly, are applying the very business models that made them rich at eBay, Microsoft, Google and America Online to battle the most vexing issues, from poverty to childhood disease. "We ought to be looking at business as a force for good," Omidyar [eBay cofounder Pierre Omidyar] said in an interview. . . .

"Who says philanthropy has a monopoly on making the world a better place?" he says. "There are lots and lots of businesses that make the world a better place by their very existence." ' - Ebay founder takes lead in social entrepreneurship

We need to keep Mr Omidyar's remarks front and centre when discussing social entrepreneurship with those who want social entrepreneurship without entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship - those who are blinded by a nonprofit mentaility. The nonprofit mentality as defined by Jerr Boschee is:

The belief that capitalism and profits are social evils

Oxford NTC Alliance Ambassador: The Raw Materials of Social Entrepreneurship

Hillary believes that government delivers services well and that the quest for private profit is the root of all selfishness and vice in American life.
The Observer Review - Dick Morris

Oxford NTC Alliance Ambassador: The Nonprofit Mentality in Politics

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Anonymous Chris Jordan said...

Powerful words.

The Omidyar statement is no doubt one that grates on those with the NonProfit Mentality!

1:23 pm  

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