Sunday, November 06, 2005

Yahoo's Packaged Solution

Setting up a social network to provide advice can take time. But Caterina Fake, one of the founders of Flickr and now a Yahoo executive, pointed out that virtually everyone under 30 had already created such networks. What about those not young or hip enough to have done so yet? Eventually, according to Ms. Fake, more users would create networks as the process became easier and more worthwhile. The New York Times

Those of you who are searching for a solution to Podolny's Social Entrepreneurship Dilemma should take a look at the New York Times article by Atlantic Monthly correspondent James Fallows cited above (6 Nov 2005). (The NY Times doesn't leave its content open to the public for more than a few weeks, so click on the above link now. )

Although I am sticking with my previous recommendations (with one edit pending), you would be ill advised to ignore Yahoo's packaged solution.

My recommended tools for social entrepreneurs:
Oxford Social Capital / creation / tools

Do scroll down and read the comment left by pbh recommending AirSet. It is, in my opinion, an impressive tool.
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Anonymous Chris Jordan said...

Hi Tom

Podolny's Dilemma has revealed itself to each of us as the key to this mission I think!

With regard to Yahoo, as a user for many years, I can wholeheartedly recommend some elements of their systems for communicating effectively.

I have met many people on Yahoo Messenger over the years, some of whom are very interested in what we are doing here and in the SE field in general. Their first introduction to our field has come as a direct result of being part of my 'social network', not throughy advertising or 'pitching' the 'opportunity. This is not about selling, rather it is about finding people with whom this is a natural 'fit'.

Those who need to be cajoled into doing something tend to be those who leave soonest, as their values, needs and drives are not a close match for the mission.

Better to sort than to persuade methinks.


2:17 pm  

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