Saturday, December 03, 2005

Congratulations Chris

Google Alert for: "Nourish the Children"

Join forces to provide VitaMeal specialised food to Nourish The ...
Nourish the Children has now passed the 35 MILLION VITAMEALS DONATED POINT!
Thank You! Now you can donate as little as $5 US in order to help the Nourish ...


This once a day Google Alert is brought to you by Google.

Chris J. has taken the Fundable ( information I gave everyone last Friday (and published on the Ambreso blog), and done something with it. Today I got a Google alert advising me to check out his Fundable site. Imagine that, in one week he has managed to get Google to send his fundraising message out around the globe. He has even received a contribution for half of the amount requested. Folks, web2.0 strategies really do work, but only if you are working too. Everyone had an equal opportunity with Fundable. Action makes the difference.

Is saving a life important enough (to you) to spend 10 minutes learning how to use a few of the simple tools we have developed/discovered? There are real living breathing children that you can save from debilitating malnutrition and starvation -if you will only lend a little time and effort to helping with the work at hand. It is up to you, of course.


PS By adding comments to our blog Chris has also managed to achieve a number one spot on a Google results page.
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Anonymous Chris Jordan said...

Sitting down with Mike McKinley-Good yesterday to discuss NTC things, I was demonstrating the various tools we have been using.

I was as surprised as anyone that when I entered a search in Google I was the number one result!

It's not done by being clever; it comes from being consistent in the little chores and tasks one sets oneself.

Why anyone would NOT be doing this is beyond me Tom!

Thanks for the namecheck though Tom - you're making me blush!

1:43 pm  

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